Monday, October 17, 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations Achievements Revealed!

Hey you! Yea you, are you a fan of achievements and trophies? Do you also like Assassins Creed Revelations? Well, good news for you because the Achievement links are right here

The reason why I didn't post the list of achievements because they have some spoilers in them, nothing too massive.

Sources: Gameinformer 

Street Fighter X Tekken Release Date

The two franchises, Street Fighter and Tekken, are finally going to be crossover in the fighting game "Street Fighter X Tekken." The Release date is set on to be in March 6 2011.

There is also a Video explaining some of the mechanics as-well. Like new features like 'Gems', which when activated increase damage for a couple of punches from the looks off it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dark Souls Review: The Hardest Game I Ever Played.

Platform: Xbox 360, Ps3 
Score: 9/10
Graphics : 9
Controls : 9
Multiplayer: 7
Storyline : 8
Gameplay: 10
Replay Vaule: Very Very High

Dark Souls really does stand up to its motto "Prepare To Die", with it being the successor to Demon Souls, I can safely say it's difficulty is harder than Demon Souls. Now with more difficult enemies, equipment and locations, Is this worth your money? Hell Yeah!

When going into Dark Souls (Im Playing on the Xbox 360 Port) it may take a small amount of time to get use to the controls. However when you first run into the boss after playing the game for 10 minutes, it may make you a little overwhelmed. He is a giant monster with a huge club for a weapon and you may be intimidated at first but here you learn your first lesson of Dark Souls, that with patience plus a good strategy, you can take down any foe. After you defeat your first boss on your first or tenth try, you may feel a sense of accomplishment after it which what makes this game, that old feeling of a sense of accomplishment after you have defeated a boss. Now I'll lay off the story for now so I won't spoil for you guys, but will talk about some of the new features that are in Dark Souls. 

First there is the bonfires which are the save points... kinda. Well you see, when you rest at a bonfire you'll get all of your Estus Flask restored (We will talk about the Flask later), you can level up at the bonfire, Switch up Magic spells, turn back into human with your humanity's (Talk about the Humantiy's soon too) and Kindle the flame. However, All enemies will come back except for bosses and mini bosses and when you die you will start back there, but all your souls will be gone unless you can get them back. The Estus Flask is your source of healing in the middle of battles or out of battles, to increase the amount of flask you get you must first go to your bonfire, become human, and then use another humanity to "kindle the flame", the more you kindle the flame, the more Estus Flask you get. Humanities are rare, they can usually be found on rats and they are very important. You'll need this to turn back into a human, which you can do by going to the bonfire and selecting "Reverse Hollowing." They will also restore your health to the fullest, be careful though, if you die when you use a humanity you will lose it with your souls unless you can get it back, also you will not be a Human anymore but turn back into a Hallow. There is also no mana however there are scrolls for spells which can be regenerated by... you guessed it, going back to the bonfire. There is now so much armor and weapons, which you can upgrade, makes this game filled with so much variety and will defiantly keep you busy.  

Now lets get into some of the faults into the game, most are minor faults from my view and can be fixed. First off we are going to talk about the NPC, this isn't about a complaint about them but the killing of the NPC's. If you hit a NPC by accident, they will fight back at you and you're force to kill them. While this may add some realism to this (I mean honestly, what kind of person will let you swing a sword into their face?) however just by a accident you can kill a very important NPC in the game that gives important items or information. Then there is the no guidance issue, what I mean by this is the fact you don't know where to go except for little hints given from the NPCs. This is where I had to look up a walkthrough just to figure out where to go. The last thing that grinds my gears are the frame rate issue, sometimes the frame rates goes to poop and you might die just because of it, an example is the dragon on the bridge, the frame-rate just went poop right when I step on the bridge and I died by the fiery flames of the dragon. This probably will be fixed by a patch sooner or later.

Now the final thing we will talk about is the multiplayer, which is almost non-existent. There is no in-game chat and you need to buy items to join/invade someones game. While I have not invaded or been invaded by someone, this offer some PvP which is perfect for Dark souls. However, the developers From Software wanted to keep Dark souls a lonely place with almost no hope to add into the atmosphere which they succeeded. In the end, Dark souls may be one of the hardest game you'll play, but one of the most fun and addicting game as well. Now I am on Blight town trying to get past this god forsaken town so I am off!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Gameplay

So far Battlefield 3 gameplay has only been shown for pc, well not anymore! This footage shows Battlefield 3 on the 360, finally putting console gamers worries to rest. Do you think this looks very different from the pc version or does it look almost the same? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playstation's Vita Lineup + Release (for Japan)

Just want to remind you guys that PlayStation Vita is coming out December 17 for Japan only. 

  • @field
  • Army Corps of Hell
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
  • Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle
  • Dark Quest
  • Disgaea 3 Return
  • Dream Club Zero Portable
  • Dynasty Warriors Next
  • F1 2011
  • Fish On
  • Hot Shots Golf 6
  • Katamari Damacy No Vita
  • Lord of Apocalypse
  • Michael Jackson The Experience
  • Minna to Issho
  • Monster Radar
  • Nico Nico
  • Power Smash 4
  • Project NOELS (download only)
  • Ridge Racer
  • Sawari Ma Kuru
  • Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru
  • Shinobido 2
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Yuusha no Kiroku

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gamestop To Release Gaming Tablet

You heard about the big fuss over the WiiU? You also might have saw the advertisements about OnLive, the paid cloud service service that lets you play your favorite pc games on the big screen. Well how about if you combined both? That's Gamestop gaming tablet to be release next year, don't worry it will have a controller for you to plug in if you don't want to play with your finger. Example of the device is stated by Gamestops President "It's hard to imagine how to stream a game - let' say Modern Warfare 3 - onto a tablet and then play it with your finger," he added. So will you be picking up this product next year or passed this by?

Source: G4tv

Monday, September 12, 2011

Battlefield 3 Leak Screenshots!

Before you ask, no I don't know who was responsible for leaking Battlefield 3 screenshots. However judging for these Battlefield 3 screens the Jet HUD looks great and the menu looks Awesome Sauce. Also if you didn't notice, the screen shots are from the Xbox 360. Now this is from a build that was not ready for release yet so it not the final build yet!

                                                UPDATE: The Screenshots are from the Reddit user Dglazkov. 

Borderlands 2 Screenshots

Borderlands 2 still has not confirmed a release date, but has now put out some screens that I been trying to show you. I hope you enjoy these screens and are excited for Borderlands as I am. 

Here is 20 minutes of Skyrim Gameplay

Bethesda has unleashed 20 minutes of Skyrim gameplay for us to see and praise. These videos gave us some new information, like puzzles in dungeons (don't worry it's not as bad as you think), and more spells! We will be seeing Skyrim these 11/11/11.

Source: Youtube

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Vampires Confirmed

Todd Howard has finally confirmed that vampires will be featured in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, ending the long silence if or if not they are included. Some information about the vampires is that the transformation is a disease as always. However, when you progress through your disease over time you will soon unable to go out into the sun or you will get hurt of-course. You can always feed off the unlucky victims sleeping, and you will soon be able to harness your vampire tendencies. If you don't like being apart of the living dead (and not sure why you don't?) you can be cured of it and become mortal again. Please Tell me your thoughts about this. Get ready to see Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this November 11, 2011 and get ready to drink some blood. 


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dark Soul 30 Minute Gameplay! With Japanese Girls!

Yea that's right, Dark souls + Japenese girls. Before you ask, yes, she dies alot.  Here are three 10 minute videos (It is split in 3 parts). You get to see some of the first bosses in Dark Souls, and you get to see plenty of deaths and screams. Tell me what are your thoughts about this and how excited are you for this game?

Battlefield 3 Beta Date!

There has been alot of rumors about the Battlefield 3 open beta release date, most say this weeked or the 15th. However a new source here, provides a supposed beta release date, also with new Information on the platoons. Well lets get back to the point, the release date is SAID to be in Sept. 27. I have a few disagreements to this, First of all EA said it would be release in early september and Second of all the beta release supposed date is too close to the official date. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Has been Leaked By Mojang!

Were you sad that Minecraft 1.8 was recently delayed? Well don't be anymore, because Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release has finally be leaked and guess who did it? Well none other than Mojang themselves. So dont feel dirty or wrong because you are playing Minecraft 1.8. You want to play it? Well here his the link right below!

Hope you enjoy Minecraft 1.8, and dont worry about the imperfections! It's only the pre-release, Notch will fix it in no time. 

Deus Ex Human Revolution Sold Over 2 Mil. Copies

Deus Ex has finally sold 2 million copies around the world and recieved amazing scores. Having a 89% Metacritic rating and some 10/10 ratings from other reviewers, do you think Deus Ex deserve this milestone? I for one do think this game deserves its rightful place as the 1st in sales in the month of August 2011. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta Leaked! (Kinda)

Diablo 3 beta for family and friends has finally started, good news is that the closed beta might be started soon. Bad news is that Diablo 3 client has been leaked. Glorious, what can people do now since they have this so-called Diablo 3 client? Nothing at all! your account must be linked up as one of the selection for the Diablo 3 closed beta. So unless you are selected or have a gut feeling you were selected, don't bother downloading the client.